Friday, October 21, 2011

Pray for Father Michael Rodriguez of El Paso, TX

Please Pray for Fr. Rodriguez of El Paso Texas! Watch the report from the Vortex below. Also Pray for the Bishop of El Paso, that he will stand up for what is right and stop hiding behind the government and liberal catholicism (I know it's not capitalized here; thats the point) and shepherd his people in true Catholicism (see the difference!). His Excellency must obey the Holy Father and encourage more resources geared towards the Traditional Latin Mass.

But it is ironic how this single priest is being targeted and he just so happens to also celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass. He is not wrong; Church teaching, the Holy Bible speaks out against homosexuality. Homosexuality is wrong; God said so, end of discussion (there should be no discussion)!! Ahh, the oldest trick in satan's book: strike down the shepherd and watch the flock scatter!

With all due respect his Exellency needs to decide if he wants to be a Catholic Bishop or not. And I'm not talking about mamby-pamby, kumbaya, holding hands at the Our Father, Jam Session, Dance with the host, protestant amalgumation, "spirit of VaticanII", livery fecal matter imitation of what is Catholicism. Im talking Traditional Catholicism which emphasizes the Traditional Catholic values and teachings of Holy Mother Church that we should follow and protect and defend with our very lives, the duty of Men to lead and be fathers in the example of St. Joseph. If not, then there is a protestant building of heretical opposition and learning (often erroneously called a church) somewhere up the road (awaiting with open arms and understanding minds and that clankety, guitar, drum and piano funkrhythmbluespophiphopjazz creation they call gospel music) and he can join Martin Luther's brigade in their trip on to Hell; maybe even become the kindle under the pot of heretical fire that is protestantism (which fries Luther's posterior hourly)!! After-all God don't like lukewarm; even the protestants use that argument to justify their rebellion, even still the devil knows scripture too. Just like Jesus, thwarted lucifer's attempt at persuading Christ to put the glory due to God alone elsewhere; so too must we stand against the father of lies and command him back to his prision of fire. For it is the truths of the Church, through the power of the sacrifice of Christ, that conquers that lie. 2000 years of wisdom versus 500. That should be a no-brainer! Yet millions fall for that warm fuzzy feeling of acceptance that is protestantism. Jesus said in reference to the Eucharist those who do not eat of My flesh shall not abide in me. He means what he says. Any dissident faction of heresy and liberalism do not eat of His flesh because they can't; protestants are just as worse because of their lack of realization of who the Eucharist is (Jesus). We must pray unceasingly: especially for our tepid and falling priests and our seperated bretheren.

St. Michael guard the Priests of Christ and our Holy Mother the Church; do thou, O mighty General of the Army of Heaven strike ever so forcefully at the head of the rebellion and with Our Lady crush satan and his evil minions who plot to weaken the people of God and Christ's bride on earth: Holy Mother Church. Together with you we shall always protect the timeless treasure of Heaven; the Traditional Latin Mass!

Time has measured it's effectiveness. The proof is in the Eucharist!!!!!!!

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