Tuesday, January 24, 2012

March for Life in Washington DC!!!!!

While most people were still snuggled in their warm beds, a group of parishioners from Sacred Heart, Dunn were boarding a bus in the church parking lot, ready to embark on a journey to Washington, DC where they would attend Mass, march in protest and visit legislative offices, all in prayerful hope that we will once again become a nation without abortion. Following the march, our group split temporarily. Some went to pay a visit to Senator Hagan's office with a petition signed by all adults on our bus as well as registered voters from other buses. Others were fortunate to hear Senator Burr give a pro life speech. Congresswoman Renee Ellmers was in attendance as was Bishop Burbidge. Returning to our church parking lot right at midnight, we left the bus exhausted, but also inspired to continue the fight. We pray next year we will have enough interest to fill TWO buses!
The Diocese's webpage highlights His Excellence's homily:
The theme of Bishop Burbidge’s homily focused on all that is possible. Giving words of encouragement, Bishop Burbidge said it is possible to replace “‘a culture of death” with the “Gospel of Life.”

“It is possible to change the hearts of elected officials,” Bishop Burbidge said, “so that their decisions, actions and votes ensure a society in which all people are treated equally and never denied the right to be born and to live with dignity and respect.”

Noting how the shared hopes and prayers of the faithful are rooted in The Truth, which is Jesus, Bishop Burbidge said, “His mandate is that life from the moment of conception to natural death must be revered, defended and protected.” The Bishop added, “and that respect and dignity are shown to all of His people, especially the unborn, weak, vulnerable, the needy and those whose rights and freedom are violated.”

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